Easy pay terms

The easy pay plan is for furniture only

We have decided to offer a 4 payment plan and underwrite it ourselves. No third party like affirm or afterpay so we can offer you a lower interest rate. Affirm charges 18.29%. We will only add 12% to the purchase price (not the freight) and it will be part of each payment. In order to get your order in the que we usually require at least half down and the balance 10 days out from delivery. With this 4 pay plan, we will get your order in the que with only 25% down by putting our own money in to make up that difference. There can be no cancellations. Any payment will not be refundable as we have already invested in your purchase and leathers and Hair On Hides will be cut for your furniture.

Here are the terms simply put:

25% down to get your order started instead of 50% down.

12% premium for the service instead of 18.29%

Payments Non-refundable if you cancel

We prefer 50% down and our normal terms but we have had some customers we couldn't help accomplish their goals on larger purchases because of their situations.

It is our goal to help more of our cherished customers attain their dreams.

Danny & Carolyn Prince